Trivium - 'In The Court Of The Dragon' CD (6873700729025)

Trivium - 'In The Court Of The Dragon' CD

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TRIVIUM’s tenth album is In The Court of The Dragon, released via long time label Roadrunner Records. The record was produced and mixed by Josh Wilbur and recorded in 2020 at Full Sail University in Orlando. The album cover is an original oil painting by French artist Mathieu Nozieres. 


  1. "X"

  2. "In The Court Of The Dragon"

  3. "Like A Sword Over Damocles"

  4. "Feast Of Fire"  

  5. "A Crisis Of Revelation"

  6. "The Shadow Of The Abattoir"  

  7. "No Way Back Just Through"  

  8. "Fall Into Your Hands"  

  9. "From Dawn To Decadence"  

  10. "The Phalanx"