Dio - 'Master Of The Moon' (Black LP) (6988564070593)

Dio - 'Master Of The Moon' (Black LP)

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The grand wizard of classic rock. A poet of hope for the downtrodden. The single most important vocal technician in the history of heavy metal. All of these accolades have been garlanded upon the royal roar known as Ronnie James Dio. & now the vocal soundtrack to heavy metal returns with his most masterful work to date, MASTER OF THE MOON, a collection of 10 scorching tracks that is a return to form for the master of metal & will be a must have for fans of most of the most recognizable voices in music.

1. One More for the Road
2. Master of the Moon
3. The End of the World
4. Shivers
5. The Man Who Would Be King
6. The Eyes
7. Living the Lie
8. I Am
9. Death by Love
10. In Dreams