Destruction - 'Diabolical' Crystal Clear Vinyl LP

Destruction - 'Diabolical' Crystal Clear Vinyl LP

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Exclusively available at Atomic Fire Records mail order! Limited to 300 cystal clear "Diabolical" vinyls in a lush gatefold.


German thrash metal veterans DESTRUCTION celebrate their 40th anniversary by setting the world ablaze with a new, hard-hitting grenade in the form of their new album, "Diabolical" (out April 8, 2022).

Side A:
1. Under The Spell
2. Diabolical
3. No Faith In Humanity
4. Reprent Your Sins
5. Hope Dies Last
6. The Last Of A Dying Breed
7. State Of Apathy

Side B:
1. Tormented Soul
2. Servant Of The Beast
3. The Lonely Wolf
4. Ghost From The Past
5. Whorefication
6. City Baby Attacked By Rats (GBH Cover)