Voodoo Kiss - 'Voodoo Kiss' CD Digipak

Voodoo Kiss - 'Voodoo Kiss' CD Digipak

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In the mid‐nineties, four music enthusiasts in the Ostalbkreis district of southern Germany set out to put their musical visions into practice. This marked the beginning for the hard 'n' heavy band VOODOO KISS in 1995. After an initial change of singers and hard work in the rehearsal room, they were soon drawn to the stage.

In the first four years after the band was founded, VOODOO KISS succeeded in making an excellent name for themselves regionally with thrilling live shows. In addition to numerous club shows, many festival appearances followed. In the Ostalbkreis district, the band achieved local cult status through their commitment. But VOODOO KISS wanted more. Due to a lack of reasonable alternatives, drummer Achim Ostertag and a few friends decided to organize their own festival in 1997, which VOODOO KISS successfully played as the main act: The Summer Breeze Open Air in Abtsgmünd.

While the festival developed into an important constant in the international music business over the years, VOODOO KISS became quiet. After further line‐up changes, the band was buried in 2000 and the members went separate ways...

However, as CEO and driving force behind the Summer Breeze Open Air, drummer Achim Ostertag was still actively involved in the music business, which could lead to only one outcome: As part of the 25th anniversary of the Summer Breeze Open Air, VOODOO KISS have reunited as the former initial spark of the festival and will play their official reunion show in Dinkelsbühl in August 2022!
Alongside drummer Achim Ostertag, Martin Beuther (guitar) and Klaus Wieland (bass), three band members of the original line‐up will be taking part. VOODOO KISS have teamed up with vocalist Gerrit Mutz (Sacred Steel, Dawn Of Winter), a very well‐known name of the German metal scene.

As once in 1997, VOODOO KISS will not do anything by halves with their reunion in 2022: as soon as the first rumors of a reunion had spread the first record company, Reaper Entertainment, came knocking on the band's door and a deal was quickly struck. In May that same year VOODOO KISS entered the jaM'in studio in Schwäbisch Gmünd to release the first VOODOO KISS album via Reaper Entertainment to coincide with the reunion show in Dinkelsbühl!
A storm is brewing in the VOODOO KISS camp. Welcome back!