Mental Care Foundation - 'III' CD Jewelcase

Mental Care Foundation - 'III' CD Jewelcase

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It can be assumed that about 90% of all bands are formed in bars or pubs, MENTAL CARE FOUNDATION (MCF) is no exception. Formed in the small town of Kokkola on the west coast of

Finland, the four guys knew each other beforehand, but didn't really become friends until the band was formed.

Their first album "Alcohol Anthems" was released in 2005 and although it was a solid effort, you could hear that the band was still trying to find their way. In 2006, their second album "Hair of the Dog" showed that the band had taken a big step forward in every way. Written and recorded at Studio57 in Alaveteli, Finland, in just one weekend, the album was a burst of alcohol-soaked energy - In Your Face!

After 2012's single "Six Pack Attack!!!" was released and after another quiet period, they decided to roll up their sleeves and get back to business. Recorded in various locations, rehearsal rooms and studios, the band's third album, called III (3), has seen the light of day. For the first single "Zombie" the band shot a crazy music video and on this album you can clearly hear a more mature band that has found their own voice without changing the style too much from what originally inspired the guys to get going. How it will continue remains to be seen... watch out!


  1. Zombie
  2. Watch The Water Rise
  3. Burn It Down
  4. Escape
  5. The Vengeance
  6. Until The End
  7. Hate Yourself
  8. Shot & Beer
  9. Blind
  10. Aiming For You