Primal Fear - 'Primal Fear - Deluxe Edition' 2LP Opaque Red

Primal Fear - 'Primal Fear - Deluxe Edition' 2LP Opaque Red

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On February 2, 1998, the self‐titled debut album of the German Metal Commando “Primal Fear” was released, the fabled debut album of a highly motivated band of veteran metal greats.

The energy, the passion, the fervour, the conviction: the album remains a heavy metal manifesto to this day and is irrefutable proof of always following one’s heart.

“Chainbreaker”, “Running In The Dust” and “Tears Of Rage” combine the archetypal metal school of the ‘80s with a modern production force and unleashed playing grandezza. Tom Naumann’s guitar, Mat Sinner’s bass and Klaus Sperling’s massive drumming, all topped by that vocal tornado named Ralf Scheepers.

This new deluxe edition re‐release comes with an extended booklet, rare fotos, liner‐notes and three bonus tracks. Definitely a Heavy Metal classic and must‐have.